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Music in the Gardens

Many thanks to the various local Rotary Clubs who over the years have worked so hard into making this such a successful event and have raised to date over £400,000 for various charities.

Sadly the 15th anniversary event had to be cancelled in 2020. Music in the Gardens has become a feature of the Sheffield music scene.

Please check www.musicinthegardens.co.uk for more information and ticket information. There will be no Music in the Gardens in 2021 but it is hoped to be back in 2022 from Friday 1st July to Sunday 3rd July.

An enjoyable three evenings of music at realistic prices in beautiful surroundings. Sitting on a chair or blanket in the lazy evening sunshine and soaking up fabulous music whist enjoying a picnic, a plate of something hot from the high quality food stalls, with a good honest pint of real ale from Bradfield Brewery or a glass of something fruity. It is a music festival for those people who do not fancy the idea of attending a music festival!

MitG is a wonderful example of the Rotarians of Sheffield and District in action doing something that they and their audiences enjoy – so if there are any potential new members out there wishing to join Rotary then please contact one of their Clubs.