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The Florilegium Society at Sheffield Botanical Gardens

The Florilegium Society was established to produce an archive of botanical illustrations of the plants of Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Botanical illustration is the marrying of art and science where the structures of plants are displayed in clear, scientifically accurate detail. The archive will provide a useful source of reference and a scientific and historical record of the plants in Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

The programme of lectures and workshops arranged for members of the Society includes 4 main meetings, presented by distinguished artists and lecturers, and 5 informal painting days. Meetings are held on Mondays, the first in the month when possible. The current membership fee is £16 per annum.

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“A Florilegium – Sheffield’s Hidden Garden” is a lavish book which highlights over 100 wonderful illustrations from the archive. Each illustration is supplemented by a detailed description of the history of the plant. The book is published by Crowood Press and can be obtained on line (ISBN 978-1-78500-894-8)