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Out of School Activities For Children 2020-03-23T11:03:21+00:00

Children’s Activities

Sheffield Botanical Gardens is an approved site for Children’s University activities. For more information on the Sheffield Children’s University see

The activities are run in the school holidays and at half terms and offer a variety of activities. They are designed to encourage children to experience the Gardens identifying features, plants and wildlife. Different activities are available for children aged 4-8 and 8 plus. Children not in the Children’s University are very welcome to join in.

Do come to the Gardens which are lovely all the year round with plenty to see. Explore parts of the Gardens that are often missed such as the Four Seasons behind the pavilions and the Marnock Garden. Remember to say hello to the Bear in the Bear pit.

Always wrap up in appropriate clothing for the weather such as waterproof shoes. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

All activities start in the Dorothy Fox Education Centre at the top of the drive off  Thompson Road.  Cost (50p)

The next Activity is a Bear Hunt. This is cancelled.

Sadly the Bear Hunt in the Botanical Gardens is cancelled but try and do one in your own garden or home. Draw 10 bears and have something to differentiate them such as a different coloured hat or cap or bag. Hide them round your garden or home for the children to find. Make sure one is very difficult. The children can make a list of the ones they find eg red, green etc and could name each bear.  Older children can devise a story round the bear/s and where it was hiding and illustrate their story.

Sheffield Children’s University hope to post a variety of activities on their Facebook and Twitter pages which can be done at home.