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Project Description

Mediterranean Climate Garden

This area is protected from the north and has a warm, sheltered character. A former flat lawn has been re-moulded into an undulating gravelled surface, the soil has been heavily modified by working in gravel and the steep back slope terraced using beautifully laid dry stone walling.

Specific areas are devoted to the areas of the world that have Mediterranean climates of warm wet winters and hot dry summers. Beds with plants from South West Australia, the Cape of South Africa, coastal Chile and coastal California, as well as the Mediterranean Basin itself, have been developed.

These sun-loving collections contain many border-line hardy plants, but have established and survived remarkably well. Notable successes have been Banksia marginata and Correa ‘Marian’s Marvel’ (Australian Fuchsia) in Australia. Aloe striatula produces many flower spikes through the summer, one of the very few hardy Aloes.

Encroaching over the central path is a vigorous cork oak tree. This is a native of the Mediterranean and grown commercially in Spain and Portugal where the bark is regularly stripped to supply cork for wine bottles.’

At one end of the gravelled area there is a Pyrus communis ‘Beech Hill’ which produces thick mats of small, fermenting pears much loved by wasps.