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Project Description

Himalayan Garden

A recent addition to the Botanical Gardens it lies between the Mediterranean Garden and the lower slopes of Birch Hill to the east of the entrance path to the Bear Pit. It is a sunlit, south-facing slope sheltered by Birch Hill. The top of the site is dominated by a large beech tree. The site was cleared of very overgrown viburnums and large stones have been placed on the cleared slope to give partial terracing and some structure for the new developments. Once prepared a framework of Himalayan shrubs was planted. Most of the plantings were produced by a FOBS’ volunteer and are derived from wild collected seed from a series of Himalayan expeditions by Chris Chadwell, a modern day plant collector. It is probably the only Himalayan garden of its kind in the United Kingdom. Chris opened the Garden in June 2014.

Berberis, Iris and Rosa have all been particularly successful in the open areas, while Androsace and Potentilla hug the ground and flowers provide early spring colour, while Lilium nepalense follows in the summer with its striking dark-centred flowers. Hypericum, Morina and Neillia are well established.

Dryopteris wallichiana and Indigofera heterantha flourish in the damper slopes close to the Bear Pit.