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The National Plant Collections in Sheffield are maintained by the Friends of the Botanical Gardens (FOBS) for Sheffield City Council. The collections are expanding as additional plants are obtained. The target is to have all the species and a good representation of cultivars.

The plants are propagated vegetatively from cuttings taken in summer. Most of the plants have been purchased from commercial nurseries in the United Kingdom but some material has been obtained by exchange from other Botanical Gardens in NW Europe.

Amongst the various botanical collections held within the Gardens you will find National Plant Collections of Weigela (10 species, 171 taxa), Diervilla (4 species, 4 cultivars) and Sarcococca (6 species, 11 cultivars). Many of these are not commercially available.

Plant Heritage (NCCPG) is the registration authority for approving National Collections. Each one must comply with stringent conditions. Details of the Collections are recorded in the Directory which is published annually by Plant Heritage.

Information on the National Plant Collections can be found on

Free leaflets on the Weigela and Sarcococca collections can be picked up at the information point just inside the main entrance on Clarkehouse Road.


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