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The Glass Pavilions (Grade II* listed) (Area C)


Plants in the Pavilions have been selected from the warm temperate areas of the world. Information boards have been installed to highlight the importance of plants to people, including uses for food, medicine and manufacturing.

Starting in the East Pavilion the visitor first encounters the Asian collection with bananas and citrus plants. The Asian and Himalayan plantings extend into the East Ridge & Furrow glasshouse, and include tender camellias, hibiscus and the wonderfully scented Trachelospermum jasminoides. A fern collection and a small selection of plants from the Mediterranean area, including the olive, Olea europa, are also to be found here. In the tall Central Dome, Australian plants predominate around a small fountain. Representatives from the Acacia, Banksia and Callistemon genera are growing well here. The tree ferns, Dicksonia and Cyathea, extend into the New Zealand section of the West Ridge & Furrow Glasshouse. Plants from South America including Fuchsia paniculata, Passiflora caerulea and the magnificent Brugmansia x candida 'Grand Marnier' are major attractions in this area. A well-drained gravel bed exhibits an intriguing collection of cacti and succulents. Finally, the West Pavilion houses the Southern Africa collection, including Cape heathers, proteas, clivias, Agapanthus, pelargoniums and the striking Strelitzia reginae.

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Musa acuminata 'Dwarf Cavendish', East Pavilion © Alison Hunter, 2008

Musa acuminata (Dwarf Cavendish), East Pavilion

Reinwardia indica, East Ridge & Furrow © Alison Hunter, 2008

Reinwardia indica, East Ridge & Furrow

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, East Ridge & Furrow © Alison Hunter, 2008

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, East Ridge & Furrow

Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata', Central Dome © Alison Hunter, 2007

Dianella tasmanica (Variegata), Central Dome

Callistemon viminalis, Central Dome © Alison Hunter, 2008

Callistemon viminalis, Central Dome

Tree Ferns, Central Dome © Meg Jullien, 2005

Tree Ferns, Central Dome

Brugmansia x candida 'Grand Marnier', West Ridge & Furrow © Sue Kohler, 2007

Brugmansia x candida (Grand Marnier), West Ridge & Furrow

Cacti and Succulents, West Ridge & Furrow © Alison Hunter, 2008

Cacti and Succulents, West Ridge & Furrow

Protea cynaroides, West Pavilion © Peggy Cable, 2007

Protea cynaroides, West Pavilion

Strelitzia reginae, West Pavilion © Meg Jullien, 2005

Strelitzia reginae, West Pavilion


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