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Friends of the Botanical Gardens (FOBS)

FOBS was set up in 1984 as a society supporting Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Thirty-three years on FOBS has maintained an intensive programme of education, practical work and endless fundraising.

Meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday morning of the month (12 a year) and on the 2nd Monday evening (8 a year) in the Dorothy Fox Education Centre, Thompson Road entrance. Members receive 2 newsletters a year and have access to a large library.

Visits to local gardens are organised as well as regional day visits and every second year a 5-day garden holiday.

FOBS runs plant sales in the Nursery Area of the Botanical Gardens on the following Sundays: 30 April from 11.00-3.00, 25 June and 30 July (2.00-4.00), 10 September (11.00-3.00) and 8 October (2.00-4.00). FOBS also sells plants at Renishaw Hall Specialist Plant Sale and Felley Priory Specialist Plant Sale.

Members obtain a discount of 10% from New Leaf Nursery and the Rhyme and Reason Bookshop.

There are opportunities to volunteer in a range of activities such as working in the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday mornings, leading Garden tours, giving outside talks and helping out at plant sales. FOBS is also involved in running Children’s University activities in the Gardens.

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